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Venice Commission web-site (VenSite) - password reset procedure


It is necessary to (re)initialise your password either when you access the restricted sites of the Venice Commission for the first time or when the password has expired more than two months (63 days) after the last reset procedure.

In order to (re)initialise your password, first read the instructions below:

1. go to the Council of Europe Seagma site for access control:

2. on that page, click on "Reset password"
3. enter your e-mail address:
4. Enter the security code into the box to the right, e.g. “2y66p”
5. click the Reset button

You will then receive an e-mail (example below):

From: []
Subject: Reset Password

To confirm that you are the person requesting the password reset allowing you to access the Council of Europe's restricted sites, please click on the following link:

If you are not the person requesting this reset, you may delete this Email.


In this message, click on the “Reset” link and you will receive another message, which gives you the new password, e.g.:

“From: []
Subject: Reset Password

You have asked for a password reset allowing you to access the Council of Europe's restricted sites.

Here is your new password

Password: T8xB5fpQ

To modify your password please click on the following link:

Reset Password

Your password is valid for 63 days, please reset it before it expires.

This email is sent from a technical address, thank you to not reply.

If you have any question, please contact your correspondent at the Council of Europe.


Directorate of Information Technologies

Council of Europe”

By clicking on « Change password » you can change this password for a different one, which is easier to remember.

When you enter the password, please type it manually or, when you wish copy it from the e-mail, make sure that you copy only the visible characters and not any additional character (space) at the end of the line.

To log into the restricted part of the Venice Commission’s site, click on the Login button in the top right corner of the Venice Commission’s site.
Once you are logged in, you will see your e-mail address next to the “Logout” button that replaces the “Login” button.
Now you will see also restricted document, of the Venice Commission, notable when you search the CDL series of documents.

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