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1164/2023 - Republic of Moldova - Amicus curiae brief on the ineligibility of persons connected to political parties declared unconstitutional
Republic of Moldova, President of the Constitutional Court
1162/2023 - Kyrgyzstan - Opinion on the Law on amendments to certain legislative acts (to the Law on "Branches (Representative Offices) of Non-Profit Organisations" and to the Criminal Code)
Kyrgyzstan, Minister of Justice
1161/2023 - Ukraine - Amicus curiae brief relating to additional sanctions for committing an administrative offence
Ukraine - Chairman of the Constitutional Court
1160/2023 - Study related to the interim opinion on Article 49.3 of the Constitution of France
1139/2023 - Lebanon - Opinion on the draft law on the Administrative Judiciary
Lebanon, Ministry of Justice
Venice Commission
1116/2022 - Study on the key principles of democracy in European Union governance
European Parliament, President
1072/2021 - Russian Federation - Opinion on amendments to the Federal Law on "the Bar and the Legal Profession in the Russian Federation"
Council of Europe, Parliamentary Assembly, Monitoring Committee, Chair
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