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Documents by opinions and studies

995/2020 - Opinion on the legal framework and practices of EU member states during the Covid-19 crisis
974/2019 - Study - Use of digital technologies and elections - principles
970/2019 - Report to clarify in which circumstances, if any, the European Convention of Human Rights allows the criminalisation of calls by politicians or representatives of civil society for radical constitutional changes by peaceful means
965/2019 - Report on Electoral Law and Electoral Administration in Europe
869/2016 - Study on Gender Equality in Constitutions
448/2007 - The reopening of Judicial Procedures following the finding of a breach of the right to a fair trial
447/2007 - European Union accession to the European Court of Human Rights
331/2005 - Constitutional Law and European Integration (New Members)
293/2004 - The Ad Hoc Inter-sectoral Group of Specialists on e-governance
152/2001 - Constitutional requirement of the judiciary control for administrative acts
148/2001 - Electoral authority
109/1999 - Opinion on the execution of decisions of the European court of Human Rights
85/1998 - Guidelines on Prohibition of Political Parties and Analogous Measures
11/1995 - Circle of the Charge of regional or minority languages
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