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Request by the Parliamentary Assembly on the implications of the decision of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the issue of the constituent peoples. The opinion has to be given by March 2001 to enable the Assembly to take it into account in the procedure for Bosnia’s accession to the Council of Europe. According to the decision of the Court, it is no longer admissible that only Bosniacs and Croats are regarded as the constituent peoples of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and only Serbs as constituent people of the Republika Srpska but all three peoples have equal rights throughout Bosnia. The decision will have important consequences for the institutional structure of the country.




“Constitutions and war”  

14 - 15 September 2023
Madrid, Centre for Constitutional and Political Studies (CEPC)


  • International Congress

“Digital Technologies: Democracy and Regulation in Europe and America”

Mexico City/online, 20 - 21 June 2023

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