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Activities by year: 2000

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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Request by the Parliamentary Assembly on the implications of the decision of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the issue of the constituent peoples. The opinion has to be given by March 2001 to enable the Assembly to take it into account in the procedure for Bosnia’s accession to the Council of Europe. According to the decision of the Court, it is no longer admissible that only Bosniacs and Croats are regarded as the constituent peoples of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and only Serbs as constituent people of the Republika Srpska but all three peoples have equal ... read more

International Criminal Court

Adoption of the report on constitutional issues raised by the ratification of the Rome statute of the International Criminal Court

Council of Europe

Adoption of the opinion on a general judicial authority

45th Plenary Meeting of the Commission (Venice)

15/12/2000 - 16/12/2000


30/11/2000 - 01/12/2000
Visit by a delegation of the Venice Commission to Azerbaijan to continue the work of the Commission on the introduction of an individual complaint to the Constitutional Court of Azerbaijan in accordance with the Assembly Opinion No. 222 (2000) and to establish contacts and a programme of co-operation with the authorities of Azerbaijan further to the Committee of Ministers’ decision to invite the Venice Commission to provide assistance with a view to reforming the Constitution, the electoral law and the media law in conformity with Council of Europe standards.

Seminar on "The Implications of the New Century and Striving to Join European Structures for Constitutional Courts" (Tartu)

17/11/2000 - 18/11/2000


15/11/2000 - 18/11/2000
Visit by a delegation of the Venice Commission to Armenia in order to continue work on the revision of the Constitution of Armenia and to establish contacts and draw up a programme of co-operation with the Armenian authorities, further to the Committee of Ministers’ decision to invite the Venice Commission to assist the Armenian authorities in reforming the judicial system and the law on the media and remedying the loopholes in the electoral law, in accordance with Council of Europe standards.


Opinion on constitutional amendments in Slovenia. This opinion, which had been requested by Prime Minister Andrej Bajuk, concludes that the amendments adopted on 25 July 2000 are not in conflict with European democratic standards


Opinion on Referendum in Ukraine. At the request of the Parliamentary Assembly, the European Commission for Democracy through Law (Venice Commission) adopted, at its meeting of 13 and 14 October 2000, an opinion on the implementation of the constitutional referendum in Ukraine. The Commission had already earlier adopted an opinion on the referendum itself.

Seminar on "The Efficiency of Constitutional Justice in a Society in Transition" (Yerevan)

06/10/2000 - 07/10/2000

Seminar on "Direct access to the Constitutional Court" (Zakopane)

05/10/2000 - 08/10/2000

UniDem Seminar "European Integration and Constitutional Law" (Cyprus)

29/09/2000 - 30/09/2000

Workshop on "the Constitutional Court as a protector of individual rights and freedoms" (Baku)

17/04/2000 - 18/04/2000

Seminar for judges from Constitutional and Supreme Courts of Southern Africa on "Enhancing Constitutionalism and Net - working among Jurisdictions in the SADC Region" (Siavonga)

12/02/2000 - 13/02/2000




International conference

Money and Democracy – an Uneasy Relationship

07 - 08/12/2023, Cologne, Germany  

International seminar

“Constitutions and war”  

14 - 15 September 2023
Madrid, Centre for Constitutional and Political Studies (CEPC)


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