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Activities by year: 1998

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Seminar on "Electoral disputes before the constitutional court" (Yerevan)

15/10/1998 - 16/10/1998

Seminar on "The role of the constitutional court in the implementation of international law" (Lviv)

07/10/1998 - 08/10/1998

Second congress of the heads of institutions of the Association of Constitutional Courts using the French language (accpuf) (Beirut)

10/09/1998 - 13/09/1998

UniDem Seminar "The principle of respect for human dignity" (Montpellier)

02/07/1998 - 06/07/1998

Workshop on "Principles of constitutional control, techniques of constitutional and statutory interpretation" (Kyiv)

05/06/1998 - 06/06/1998

Workshop on "Judicial Independence and Incompatibilities of the office of Judge with other activities" (Bishkek)

05/06/1998 - 06/06/1998

Seminar on "Constitutional courts, state of law and the process of economic reforms" (Istanbul)

22/05/1998 - 23/05/1998

Summary of the workshop on "judicial independence and the incompatibility of judicial functions with other activities" (Bishkek)

20/04/1998 - 21/04/1998

UniDem Seminar "New trends in electoral law in a pan-European context" (Sarajevo)

17/04/1998 - 17/04/1998

Constitutional Court Conference on Equality Jurisprudence (Gordon's Bay)

31/01/1998 - 02/02/1998

Workshop on "the budget of the constitutional court: control and management" (Kyiv)

19/01/1998 - 21/01/1998




International conference

Money and Democracy – an Uneasy Relationship

07 - 08/12/2023, Cologne, Germany  

International seminar

“Constitutions and war”  

14 - 15 September 2023
Madrid, Centre for Constitutional and Political Studies (CEPC)


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