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Assistance to the Constitutional Chamber of the Kyrgyz Republic

12/03/2014 - 14/03/2014

Kyrgyzstan – a series of events will take place in Bishkek on 12-14 March in the framework of the joint project "Support to the Kyrgyz authorities in improving the quality and efficiency of the Kyrgyz Constitutional justice system” implemented by the Venice Commission with funding provided by the European Union.

A Steering committee meeting will take place on 12 March. The project partners, the Constitutional Chamber, the European Union, the UNDP office in Bishkek and the Venice Commission will get together to discuss the progress made since the start of the joint project as well as to plan the activities for this year.

A workshop aimed at judges of the newly established Constitutional Chamber of the Kyrgyz Republic will take place on 13 March. The aim of this seminar is to discuss the principles of constitutional review, its procedural questions, methods and practical implications. This seminar will be followed by a workshop for staff of the Constitutional Chamber on the experience of different constitutional courts, Romania, Moldova and Croatia in particular, in the internal functioning of courts, rules of procedure and internal communications.

These events are organised jointly with the UNDP office in Bishkek within the projects aimed at supporting the Constitutional Chamber of the Kyrgyz Republic with funding provided by the European Union.

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Covid-19 pandemic -
Emergency powers -
 What standards?


During the current Covid-19 pandemic, national governments are taking exceptional measures to slow down the spread of the virus. On numerous occasions, the Venice Commission examined the limits of such emergency powers. The Commission has consistently underlined that State security and public safety can only be effectively guaranteed in a democracy which fully respects the rule of law. Even in genuine cases of emergency situations, the rule of law must prevail.


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