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Strengthening the visibility of independent Tunisian bodies - online workshop on strategic communication and media relations


Tunis - The Venice Commission organised on 20 October 2020 an online workshop dedicated to the strategic communication of the independent bodies of Tunisia and their relations with the media. This workshop is a continuation of a first event held in Tunis in October 2019 which focused on the various challenges encountered by the authorities in their strategic communication.

The meeting aimed to deepen this theme by addressing the modalities of implementing an effective communication strategy, in line with the mandates and budgets of the bodies. The link between the communication strategy and the possibilities of digital was also be examined. The relations of the authorities with the media were discussed through practical questions relating, for example, to the creation of influential content, the establishment of a press kit or the drafting of a press release.

The workshop provided practical solutions allowing authorities to structure their communication through concise, clear and targeted messages to their interlocutors (civil society, state structures, private sector and media) as well as to citizens.

The workshop is funded by the Joint European Union- Council of Europe project to support independent bodies in Tunisia (PAII-T, 2019-2021), one of the objectives of which is to support the strengthening of visibility and understanding of the role of bodies by the public and the media.




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