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Compensation, restitution and restoration of rights for the victims of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict – international round table

30/03/2006 - 01/04/2006

Vladikavkaz - In the framework of the preparation of the Venice Commission's follow up opinion on the Georgian draft law on the rehabilitation and restitution of property of the victims of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict, the Secretariat of the Venice Commission participated in the round table on “Compensation, restitution and restoration of rights for the victims of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict”. This event was organised by the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), a London-based international research NGO.

The event, held under Chatham House rules, was attended by authorities from Georgia, the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania (Russian Federation) and Russian federal authorities as well as refugee NGOs from North and South Ossetia, individual refugees and NGOs from Georgia. The OSCE Mission in Georgia and UNHCR were also represented at the meeting.

The Venice Commission adopted its interim opinion on 17 March 2006 (CDL-AD(2006)007). The follow-up opinion on a new version of the draft law is on the agenda of its 67th plenary session (Venice, 9-10 June 2006).

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